Monday, June 15, 2009

Your 2009 NBA Champions!

Lakers 99, Orlando 86

The Curse of Marcus is dead, it seems. Other terms which can be retired: "Soft" with "Pau Gasol," "can't win a ring without Shaq" with "Kobe," and "old" with "Derek Fisher."

I don't have a lot to say right now, although I'm sure I will later. I'm just so excited to finally own a fan championship, so excited for the city of LA, and so excited to see the greatest basketball player in the world earn his fourth ring.

You'll notice the obvious color changes...these should be around for a little while, but not too long. Also, there's a new addition in "Banners in the Rafters" on the right sidebar. Let's hope for more.

More later. Also, the Angels won, and convincingly so. Gotta love the NL West.

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