Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'll be back to updating regularly once I start watching games again...this week was pretty hectic, and I watched/played far more tennis than baseball.


  • It's unfortunate that I know more about Fenway Park than the Fenway Park tour guides, but such is the life of a baseball nerd.
  • The Rays are sitting on the best record in baseball (just ahead of the Halos), and are 4.5 games up on Boston, pending the results of the game currently in progress between Boston and New York. Joe Maddon is finally starting to get the credit he deserves.
  • The All Star Game continues to be a joke, with Jason Varitek making the cut. He's been awful this year. Legitimately awful. When I think it's bad that AJ fucking Pierzynski didn't make the game, you know something's wrong.
  • I'm getting really excited for football season, although it's still a while away. Expect Northeastern to muster a near-miraculous .500 season in CAA league play. And maybe they'll actually beat UC Davis. Or maybe not. The Patriots should win the Super Bowl.
  • Buy a Slingbox. Don't give Major League Baseball any more money than they deserve.
  • Another Dane Cook "There's only one October" advertising blitz will result in me personally finding the guy and beating his brains out with a calendar which clearly shows at least one October every year.
  • Fluid mechanics is hard. Marketing is easy. Business majors have earned deservedly little respect from the engineering community, and now I know why.
Go Halos.

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