Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Clinch Day?

My professor didn't show up to my last class, so I'm home unusually early. Memo to Northeastern: Professors should always be on time to class, particularly on the first day.

Anyways, the Angels and Yankees play in a couple minutes, with Dustin Moseley (why?!) facing off against Andy Pettite. A win drops their magic number to 1, with a Texas loss later in the day securing the AL West crown. Go Halos.

Expect a recap if I can get in a reasonable amount of time watching the game. This week's a little hectic with the start of classes, but I'll try to update at least daily, if possible.

The Patriots brought back Matt Gutierrez (yes, that's a third Californian quarterback, joining Brady And Cassel) to the practice squad, and since they seem intent on actually starting Matt Cassel, expect to see him activated in time for Sunday's game against The New York Jets of Green Bay. MJD at Yahoo Sports doesn't think the Pats have a chance. I'm not so sure. It's going to take a stellar defensive effort, but I think Morris and Maroney will be able to move the ball well enough on the ground to give Cassel some open space to make easy passes and move the ball.

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