Saturday, October 4, 2008

I love trick plays

Northeastern 35, Towson 17

Football purists aren't particularly fond of the trick play. Flea-flickers, direct snaps, double-reverses, these are seen as video game plays which rarely merit actual use on the field.

Rocky Hager is not a football purist. And it's a damn good thing.

NU has not played a football game that I'd define as "fun to watch" for quite some time. Probably the last game that was really "fun" was the overtime homecoming win over UNH on October 21, 2006.

Today, though, was fun. Probably the best play the Huskies ran today was a flea-flicker that saw two quarterbacks on the field simultaneously. Anthony Orio flipped it over to backup QB John Sperazza, who then launched the ball downfield for a touchdown. Towson, somehow, didn't see that there were two QB's in the backfield, and moreover, the Huskies didn't even let Sperazza throw the ball around on the sideline before the play. All this combined to form a play of beauty that evoked the Brady-->Moss-->Brady flea-flicker of last years Patriots squad. Just beautiful.

Beyond that, Alex Broomfield took about 100 direct snaps and generally had success with all of them, including a couple reverses and double reverses that absolutely befuddled the Towson defense.

Nate Thellen had another interception, giving him 4 on the season. He put a huge hit on a receiver in the first half and got hurt himself, but came back to pick off Schaeffer. In a show of class, a rarity in football, Thellen just handed the ball to the ref and ran off the field. No jumping, no shouting, no hysterics. You really, really don't see that very often.

Just a great game overall, you have to think a play will end up on Sportscenter later. Who said FCS football had to suck?

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