Thursday, October 23, 2008

World Series Game 2

Rays 4, Phillies 2

As I predicted, the Phillies can't keep up with Tampa Bay's starting pitching. Brett Myers was average, maybe below average, and Jason Werth made a bad error in right that allowed the Rays two score two runs on groundouts in the first. James Shields, on the other hand, was nigh unhittable, with the Phillies scoring their only runs off David "Nastyman" Price in the eighth and ninth.

Jaime Moyer will lose to Matt Garza because Matt Garza is a good pitcher and Jaime Moyer is old, at best.

The more I watch them, the more the Rays remind me of the 2002 Angels. Young, stud arm out of the bullpen (Frankie--Price), relative unknowns contributing big hits (the Rays roster--the Angels roster), and losing the first game of a series only to come back. The primary difference? The Rays are younger and have much, much better starting pitching. Granted, they aren't playing in the middle of the steroid era, either.

More analysis post-FEA test.

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