Saturday, November 1, 2008


Huskies 2, University of New Hampshire 2 (OT)

Disgrace is the only word I can use to describe this game. There has never been a non-Flyers hockey game in history where a 9-3 discrepancy in penalties in a single period has been legitimate. It just doesn't happen. It means that one or more officials were influenced by people or things not related to the play on the ice. Sometimes, it means one coach has intimidated the referee/referees enough to lead to non-calls. Sometimes, see also: Tim Donaghy. But the fact remains that the Huskies did not earn 9 penalties in the third period, and the Wildcats sure as hell deserved more than 3.

The most egregious call is a non-call. I watched Wade MacLeod get hooked, held, tripped, and maybe even hit from behind in the same sequence three feet from ref #5 John Gravallese. Gravallese is in his 23rd year as an official in Hockey East. It's time to hang up the skates.

Soon after MacLeod got non-called, McNeely put a very clean hit on a UNH player only to get whisted for "charging." I know what charging is. I know that what McNeely did is actually called "checking," and it's both legal and an essential part of the game.

Obviously, the Husky penalty kill was in top form this evening. They killed off 13 penalties. The power play unit was ugly-looking but surprisingly good, putting the puck in the net in 2 of their 6 chances. Both NU goals came in the second, one from Tyler McNeely and another from IPNO-sponsored player Ryan Ginand.

Brad Thiessen was unbelievable again, stopping 43 of 45 shots and using his glove better than he has since beginning his Northeastern career. He was the well-deserved 1st star of the game and, with the PK unit, the only reason Northeastern didn't lose by 20 power play goals.

Shame on you, Gravallese. And shame on you, Joe Bertagna.

Note: UNH fans are flighty, dull, and too old to be watching college hockey at away arenas. I apologize for being a "menace to society."

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