Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Miscellany IX

Look, I hate USC as much as the next Bruin/Bear/Duck, but Plaschke's an idiot. The LA Times would do it self a real service by dropping this idiot and picking up a real sportswriter. I'm all for bringing back JA Adande.

Aside from Plaschke being an idiot in general, his idea that the BCS system isn't fundamentally broken is asinine. And more importantly, his statement that the regular season is college football's playoffs is the stupidest thing I've ever read. You have a regular season. Then you have playoffs. Saying that the regular season = the playoffs is moronic and fails every logic test you throw at it. Get a job.

TJ Simers is another annoying piece of crap writer at the Times, but I enjoyed this article on GA. I really don't think the Angels should bring him back as anything more than a platoon player, but it's hard to wave goodbye to a team legend, even if GA has never received the attention or respect he deserves. I'd really like to see GA retire and take a place on the bench next to Scioscia as a coach of some sort.

The Lakers are playing the still-hapless Clippers tonight, although they're trailing in the first. One has to wonder what the Clips would look like this season if Brand had stayed to play with Davis. A shame, for certain, but the Clippers have always been the bastard child of LA sports.

With the election over, I look forward to being able to watch ESPN again.

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