Saturday, January 17, 2009


I started this blog 99 posts ago as a way to vent about the Red Sox while simultaneously covering God's team, the Angels, and several other teams of interest. I've found writing to be a comfortably cathartic procedure, and as I've continued, I've received support from Rob at 6-4-2, the Rev at Halos Heaven, and the community over at Diehard Dogs, and for that, I am exceedingly grateful.

Tonight, I'll be doing something I swore to never do. I'll be using Twitter. I'll be posting 140 character updates throughout tonight's Northeastern/Vermont men's hockey game at the following address:

Depending on the outcome of tonight's game, and perhaps also my relative enjoyment with the update process, this may become a frequent addition to In Play, No Outs.

Thanks again, both to my fellow bloggers and reader base.

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