Sunday, January 25, 2009

#3 gets 3 for the second time

My freshman year, the Northeastern men's hockey team struggled to a 3-24-7 record, a season with few highlights. However, then freshman Ryan Ginand potted NU's first hat trick since 2002 in a 4-6 loss to New Hampshire. From then on, I paid attention to his shifts, expecting similar production from him in the future.

This year, Ginand has been the Huskies' leading scorer, and collected his second career hat trick in a 6-3 win over Providence on Saturday night at Matthews Arena. Game recap can be found at the liveblog.

Ginand's third goal was both exciting and expensive. My sponsorship in the Diehard Dogs Adopt-a-Dog fundraiser mandates that I donate $5 per goal and $2 per assist, meaning that Ginand's 4 point evening pulled a hearty $17 out of my wallet for a midseason total of $90. Ouch. That said, his third goal looked like a set play to get Husky captain Joe Vitale a goal, but I'm beginning to think the lines were altered a bit to get the playmaker Vitale out on the ice to help Ginand along. Either way, with the goal came a showering of hats and another 2 points in the race for the Hockey East title.

Also, something needs to be done about the amount of stuff being thrown on the ice. Winning (or losing) a game is not license to throw whatever you want onto the ice surface. It's classless and reeks of Vermont, and really, nobody wants to smell like Vermont.

I'll be writing about Ervin and the Angels at some point during work tomorrow.

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