Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogging during lunch

I'm back on coop, this time at EarthSource Energy Solutions. Expect an increase in the number of updates.

Overall, I've missed most of the last couple Lakers/Kings games so I don't have a lot to offer on the NBA and NHL front.

The Patriots lost GM Scott Pioli to Kansas City and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to the head coaching position in Denver. McDaniels will be missed, but losing Pioli is a real blow to the organization. The Patriots are well-coached, but much of their success has come from a dedicated and intelligent front office, and Pioli was a big part of that success. We'll see how they do in the coming months. As always, pre-season prognosticators are calling the Patriots dead before the first snap of the 2009 season...I beg to differ.

The Pats are expcted to apply the franchise tag to wunderkind Matt Cassel in case Tommy Brady's not ready by the time the season begins. It's a good choice, but will force them to lock up an awful lot of money in their quarterbacks.

Wildabeasts 0, Other Team 2 (NU Invitational Rule-Change Tournament)

A blocker save sends this shot wide left.

Northeastern decided to hold a mini-tournament to try out some rule changes. This afforded me an opportunity to get in a preseason workout between the pipes.

Mark came along and snapped some photos before being sent away by the NU Nazi Refs. That's me in the #3 Ginand jersey, doing what I do best. It was probably the best game I've ever played...I had a couple surprisingly nice kick saves, along with one glove save I didn't expect to be able to make. I've been doing a better job getting off the line and holding my ground.

I let in two, one in the first and one in the second. Both goals were clean looks, the second a nice shot on a tough angle. Jeff had the team playing zone defense which was a marked improvement over our usual man coverage, but I still had to deal with 3 or 4 breakaways and a penalty shot.

We need to convert our penalty shots. We went 0-5, obviously a difference-maker in a low scoring game.

One kid on the other team started the game off by trying to wraparound, and after that, I was in his head. I made save after save after save on this kid, and he started trying to get fancy, something which rarely works in broomball. His final shot attempt was a wraparound I slapped into the boards with a snide remark. Some people never learn.

The regular season starts soonish. I'll post game dates and times once I get them from Jeff.

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