Monday, February 2, 2009

Cronin has some remarks

“You take a few steps back and … I don’t want to minimize the tournament, but we’re in a league race here. We’re trying to win a league championship. We’re trying to make the NCAA tournament.

“The Beanpot, as large as it is in Boston for alumni, is just a step along that process. Whether we win or not, the players will decide that. I’m more concerned about how they play the game.

“If we lose the game and we play well, you chalk it up to the other team won the game. But we’ve got to play well. We haven’t played well [in my three years] . The best game we played was a consolation game against Harvard two years ago. We’ve got to forget about the Beanpot and we’ve got to play well against BC on Monday night.” -Greg Cronin

At least the coach knows what he's doing.

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