Saturday, March 7, 2009

From 2.6 to 25.6

The most exciting college hockey games I've seen have come against Boston College. There's been the 2.6 game, the game that kept home-ice alive another day, and of course, one game I didn't see.

Last night was another. After missing opportunities all night and playing like crap for the first 50 minutes, the Huskies killed off a 5 on 3 penalty and came alive. They weren't able to find the back of the net, though, until Randy Guzior scored the tying goal with 25.6 seconds left. At this point, it was all Huskies all the time.

Steve Quailer scored on a brilliant play by senior Joe Vitale with 1:05 left in the overtime period. Vitale managed to get the puck on net where Quailer had a bunch of room to shoot. And, unlike previous generations of Huskies, he didn't miss. Matthews Arena went completely nuts, and for good reason: BU beat PC 8-2 earlier in the evening, meaning the Huskies needed a win to keep their regular season title hopes alive barring some sort of divine providence on Sunday.

It was a tremendously exciting end to a pretty boring game in front of a spring break-depleted crowd. I'll be at Conte Forum in Chestnut Hill this evening to watch the Huskies in their final regular season game.

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