Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miscellany: Blog Info

Typically, I'd wait a day to post this, but I'm bored, and there's a nice entry just below this which is probably more interesting to 99% of the world.

Some search terms which have brought visitors to this site:
  • why does the nba suck (you'll notice a theme with this)
  • nba officiating sucks
  • "brandon wood"
  • nba referees sucks
  • average era
  • "jp maley"
  • effect of breaking balls on the ucl
  • nba sucks
  • goalie chris rawlings
  • ervin santana curveball
  • ucl elbow stiffness
  • northeastern sucks (booooo!)
  • blue powder play -movie (no idea)
  • what's era if no outs recorded (well, use the same formula but don't add any innings to the denominator...someone who gives up at least one run without recording at least one out gets an infinite ERA)
  • broomball hilarious joke
  • phil jackson "embarrassing"
  • nba sucks too many fouls (word)
As Bill Simmons so frequently says, these are my readers! Maybe this is really an NBA officiating blog in disguise. Lots of NBA inquiries, lots of injury information requests, and the occasional college hockey search term. Unfortunately, his data doesn't tell me what people want to read, just how they stumble onto the site. There's a few search terms with "no outs" and another baseball term, and these are what I like to call "lost visitors," as they clearly weren't trying to get here.

From a geographical perspective, a vast majority of my traffic is from the US, although I'd like to welcome the couple Slovakian/Bulgarian/Romanian readers from the last few days. The biggest visitor loyalty comes from the UK, but South Korea spends the largest amount of time on the site.

All this data comes from Google Analytics, which has been running for a couple months now. Pretty interesting stuff.

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