Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's see here

Yankees "vaunted" lineup shut down by Cliff Lee? Check.
Phillies lineup enjoys right field at Yankee Stadium? Check.
New York bullpen exposed, again? Check.

A closer look at the numbers:
  • Cliff Lee went all 9, allowing 6 hits, one for extra bases, and one unearned run. 10 strikeouts. 0 walks. An "NL pitcher," indeed.
  • CC Sabathia had an impressive, although uneconomical, start. 7 innings, 3/6 walk to strikeout, 4 hits, all for extra bases. He also threw 113 pitches.
  • The Yankees bullpen is crap, and they proved it again tonight. Over two innings, five pitchers combined to give up 4 runs on 5 hits and 3 walks. Damaso Marte got the only strikeout of the relief corps. Outside Mariano Rivera, there is nobody in that bullpen who can be trusted.
  • Chase Utley hit two homers to right. Both were actual homers in non-Little League parks, and both came on nearly identical pitches. Considering his defense, Chase Utley is a franchise second baseman.


Kyle said...

Brian Bruney is not part of the bullpen. Hughes sucked last night he is a much better pitcher then that. Thankfully Lee can't pitch every day.

There is so much malice in all your posts about this

Marcus said...

I haven't seen Hughes pitch a good inning in the playoffs yet.

It's not malice. It's realism.

Andrew said...

Kyle, just think how much the Angels must suck to not even win 3 games against the terrible, awful New York Yankees. That would make anyone bitter. Hell, Red Sox fans barely have the heart to relish in Yankee failure this year.

Marcus said...

Andrew, I don't think this year's Angel team was as good as the team last year. I don't think they had a good ALCS, and their ALDS was, like all short series playoffs, lucky.

Andrew said...

This year's Angels team did not have a great bullpen, but their lineup was better and more balanced than its been since '02.

Their starting was less solid, but not drastically so. Scioscia simply utilized it wrong. How could you set up Weaver, who had a fantastic year, to pitch once and Saunders, arguably his 4th-best pitcher, twice?

Anyway, it's my estimation that most short series involve a great deal of luck. The Yankees certainly have had that so far this postseason.

That said, the Yankees were simply outclassed yesterday. Cliff Lee is a man.