Monday, October 5, 2009

Your Los Angeles Kings

Kings 6, Phoenix 6

My goodness, if you thought I was a doom-and-gloom sports fan, check out Kings fans. We're one game into the season and, at 0-1, the fans are ready to demote Jon Quick and send Dustin Brown to the Canucks for a bag of pucks.

LA played a pretty miserable game, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it's being portrayed. Jon Quick let in a couple softies (most claim he should've stopped 2, and maybe 3, of the goals he allowed), Drew Doughty had his worst game as a professional, and Rob Scuderi had a rough first game as a King.

But Ryan Smyth had a great game, Kopitar had a good game, and Frolov scored, hopefully reducing the near-constant (and completely insane) calls for a trade. It's hard to say the loss was unexpected, as the Kings have struggled with the Coyotes for, like, ever, despite being a fundamentally better team for the last few seasons. And while they struggle with Phoenix, they always play San Jose well, and they'll have a crack at the Sharks tomorrow.

Step away from the ledge, guys.

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