Thursday, November 5, 2009

The difference between me and Brodeur is like .500 in save percentage

For those of you reading this on Facebook, there's a 90 second video in here. Click on "View Original Post" to check it out, if you so desire.

If Kenny Loggins has a problem with 1:30 of his song being used in this video, then dude, nobody has listened to anything you've done since Caddyshack. And nobody reads this blog, anyway.

Lucic Crew 4, Eishunde 6

At this point, I'm taking what I can get from my 36 minute games. I figure I probably saw 15 shots and allowed 6 goals, so we're not talking NHL here, but the improvement is coming. More importantly, the experience has gone from completely nerve rattling to mostly enjoyable, and I'm certainly not afraid of the puck like I was when I first started playing floor hockey over the summer.

The video above is a compilation of most of my saves and one particularly nice backdoor goal. Big thanks to Jeff's friend Frenchie and the always helpful Beth for dealing with my ridiculous taping demands.

You'll see good form on a couple of those shots. The last save was probably my might be the first save I've made that looked as routine as it was. The stops on the breakaways were nice too, particularly the shorthanded attempt about 10 seconds in. Please note that this is not one of the saves with "good form."

The goals were mostly ugly. I think three of them were straight through the five-hole on the ice, one was a stupid five-hole trickler that went in off someone's skate, the first was probably a good shot, and the nice little backdoor play that we'll see plenty of with the Rat Dogs visiting Matthews this weekend. I don't know why I can't seem to keep my stick on the ice when I'm dropping down, but that'll come with practice.

The other goalie pretty much stood on his head, and one of our guys hit him pretty hard at one point. I was a little concerned they were going to come after me, but letting the first two shots you see go in usually tells the other team to take it easy.

Jeff, by the way, got railroaded by someone. It was awesome.

I've got one more game, then one more semester of this. I'd like to win one at some point.

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