Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just some quick notes today, mostly off-topic:
  • My previous post was rehashed and published as an editorial over at the Huntington News. The only real difference is that I nominate myself as Northeastern's next athletic director.
  • The Lakers beat Jose Juan Barea and the Mavericks 100-95 last night despite DJ Mbenga and Luke Walton each playing more than 10 minutes. Oh, and Pau Gasol didn't play.
  • The Kings followed up an awesome streak of like 10 or 11 games without a pair of losses with a 4? 5? -game losing streak. Welcome to fandom in the Kings' fiefdom.
  • I'm playing on two, possibly three, hockey teams this semester, plus broomball. I'll be goaltending for one, backing up for another (and possible taking the ice as a forward), and backing up a third. Schedules will be up on this blog once they're finalized.

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