Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The positive side of the Galarraga/Joyce debacle

"You win, let's get some robot umpires." -Kyle
For those of you who don't know who Kyle is, Kyle is one of the few people whose baseball opinions I actually trust. Please note that I trust Kyle, and not Bud Selig, but regardless, if a horribly blown call is what it takes to remove the awful, awful human element from the game of baseball and bring it to a fair competition, devoid of avoidable officiating errors, then this was a great day in baseball, indeed.

An important sidenote, by the way, is the officiating at tonight's Stanley Cup Finals game between Chicago and Philadelphia. In overtime, a puck appeared to have crossed the goal line, giving the Flyers the win. The goal light came on, the fans started dancing, and the horn blared. But, because of the NHL's good (not great) instant replay rules, the play was reviewed and the puck never did cross the line. The Flyers would go on to win regardless, but losing a game because you lost the game is much better than losing a game because the officials blew a call. Go NHL.

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