Thursday, October 28, 2010

How not to play goalie: lesson 15

Jon Quick is usually pretty reliable, but his greatest weakness has always been a propensity to be out of position as a result of committing too early. Dallas' second goal tonight came on a very wide, very delayed play from a sharp angle. Brandon Segal skated around the net, held the puck, and then shot it off Quick and into the top of the net from just past the goal line. How?

Red circle is puck, green is open net as a result of bad positioning.

Quick went for a poke check. The problem with a poke check is that goalie sticks are heavy. It's easy to pull your hand to the back of the stick and push it forward, but not as easy to pull it back and into position. Quick got caught when Segal didn't shoot right away and moved out of poke check range. He had already committed to a poke check and decided to stay down, when what he needed to do was pop out of the butterfly and take away the left side of the net.

Ultimately, it didn't matter, as the Kings won 5-2. But I'm just sayin'.

World Series

The Rangers are proof that the division and championship series' are too short. Just a fundamentally bad team out of an awful division with a terrible bullpen.

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