Friday, July 25, 2008


So I've been pretty lazy/swamped with work for the last week...sorry for the lack of recap of the Cleveland series and all that. I'll get back into it as I acquire additional homework to ignore.

For now,

  • Sasha might be looking to leave the Lakers for Europe. I personally don't think he will.
  • The Kings hired a new head coach in Terry Murray. Don't expect a whole lot out of the coming season aside from lopsided losses and another failure to enter the playoffs. But don't worry, the fun comes soon...this team is extremely young. And you can't forget Anze.
  • The NU Football Huskies (hah) have been predicted to finish fifth out of six teams in the Northern Division of the new CAA. I think they can do better, but a lot's gonna depend on how they can replace Maurice Murray's running game.
  • The Halos open an east coast trip with a series opener tonight at Baltimore. They'll get through Baltimore, Boston, and New York with something like a 5-4 or 6-3 record, with any luck. Much depends on rebounds from several starting pitchers.
  • Frankie recorded is 42nd save by throwing a single pitch to induce a groundout to's the first time in his career he's recorded a save with one pitch. It also highlights how stupid the save stat actually is.
  • I got a new tennis racquet. It's a Babolat Drive Z Lite Cortex, and no, I didn't pay list price for it. It gets here next week, and I defeat Nadal and Federer the week after.

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