Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Jeez, what a day.

Casey Kotchman Traded for Mark Teixeira

I was convinced this trade rumor was a bunch of crap. Tom Kotchman is an integral part of the Angels organization, and I kinda figured they'd try to keep his son in Angel red through his productive career. That said, I think Arte and Reagins have realized the potential this team has this season and chose to mortgage a small part of the future to try and win the Series this year. This team is better with Teixeira, but it doesn't make losing Kotchman any easier to swallow. Thus, godspeed, Casey. Good luck with the Braves.

Farewell, Kotch.
[image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

Tex will probably bat 3rd in front of Vlad. This team has proven it can hit, and the addition of a legitimate 40+ HR power threat isn't going to make it any easier on opposing pitchers. Hopefully he'll be in uniform against Boston tomorrow.

Angels 6, Boston 2

You've got to be freaking kidding me. After my favorite position player gets traded to the Braves, my favorite pitcher throws 8.1 innings of no-hit ball against the hated Red Sox. Lackey really didn't look particularly awesome, picking up only 4 strikeouts and relying mostly on flyball outs, but nevertheless avoided giving up a hit until Dustin Lawn Gnome singled through the right side. Lackey obviously got pissed and through a meatball you Kevin "Dumb Beard" Youkilis, who promptly deposited the ball over the Monster. Whatever.

This is the second time in Big John's career that he's come perilously close to a no-hitter. He had a game in the summer of '06 where he gave up a leadoff double against the A's and then retired 27 in a row. He'll get it someday.

Congrats, John, on a job well done.

Oh yeah, the Angels are 7-1 against Boston this season.

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