Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bullets from JFK Airport

I'm headed home to LA after finally polishing off Fluid Mechanics, hopefully for good. The final was, surprisingly, not miserable. We'll see.

  • The Angels finish their series with the Rays tonight. They've lost their first two already and got swept thaeir last time at the Trop. Anyone who thinks homefield isn't important clearly hasn't looked at the Rays home vs. away W/L record. Sure, the Angels are a great road team, but everyone else in the AL absolutely struggles away from home. Without homefield, the road to the World Series is going to be a complete nightmare, 8-1 versus the Sox or not.
  • Lots of folks are predicting an Angels/Dodgers World Series. For some reason, the addition of Manny Ramirez has really messed up some brilliant baseball minds. The Dodgers aren't good, and they play in the crappiest of divisions. Even if they make it out of the NL Worst, they're going to have a tough time getting past the Cubs. Also, the Angels are a team I like, so they're guaranteed to fail.
  • Nasty Nastia got screwed, but it's really what she gets for competing in a sport where you peak at 14. Essentially, the tiebreaker they used took away the highest score each individual had, and since Nastia's was higher, she lost. No, it doesn't make sense, and yes, you should be able to tie for medals. And no, gymnastics isn't a sport, nor is anything else which requires judging. But don't worry Nastia, you're still hot and, thankfully, legal.
  • A big congratulations to Dan Walsh, a former Husky who picked up a bronze for the US in the heavyweight eight. Rowing is one hell of a sport, one which I considered before trying to row for a mere 15 minutes. It's, like, really hard.
  • The Patriots are playing some absolutely terrible preseason football. Apparently, most sport spundits fail to recognize the significance of the NFL preseason-or, more succinctly, the preseason doesn't mean anything. Without Tommy Brady, though, the Pats are probably not even a .500 football club. Anyone still have Testaverde's phone number?
  • Bit of trivia from Conor's trivia night. I happened to know this and got it right...the silhouette which makes pu the MLB logo is modeled after the late, great Harmon Killebrew.
  • If Greg cooperates, I should be making my clay court debut tomorrow. Everyone likes to play in the dirt. This will also afford me a chance to use the new Babolat against someone actually better than I am.
  • Dear previous WVC 516 residents: You are all disgusting. There is not enough baking soda in the world to remove the stench you've left in that room.
  • Bud Light Lime...surpsingly good. Note: I am clearly not a beer snob. I also lack respect for beer snobs who put down macrobrews just because they're macrobrews while simultaneously drinking absolute crap out of some Finnish microbrewery.
  • Cell phone speaker interference is the biggest engineering obstacle of our time. It must be fixed. I have a hard time beliving high-end noise-cancelling headpohone manufacturers can't figure out a way to isolate the damn driver.
I'll be home around midnight.

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