Thursday, August 7, 2008


Mark is thrilled, clearly, as the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics are 17 hours away. As such, I've tweaked the colors of the blog as a matter of national pride. I ordinarily don't care much for obtuse patriotism, but the Olympics are sports, and sports override bullshit politics. Well, except gymnastics. Gymnastics aren't sports. Or synchronized swimming. And the IOC sucks for destroying perfectly good baseball with their overtime rules and eventual elimination of the game altogether.

That said, I'm still getting chills watching Kobe and Co. play basketball. I don't really care if they're Dream Team II or not...I just want to see them bring home the gold. They can lose a game or two as long as they keep their eyes on the prize. Take a look at the design on the back of their jerseys. It's really cool, and apparently designed with "African, Hispanic, and Asian" motifs on top of a stylized presidential eagle thing. Badass. Also, the same-color names on the jerseys is a neat touch. The USA opens against Yao Ming and China.

Expect more coverage on the Olympics later.

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