Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Only Casually Related to Sports

I'll start this off with a little about the Halos.

Basically, the Angels are still good, although they really seem to enjoy getting completely flustered by bad teams with AAA pitchers. Last night's 3-0 home loss to Baltimore was a prime example, with 9 year career minor leaguer Chris Walters one-hitting the Halos through eight innings. The first step in telling whether a pitcher was having a good game or whether the batters sucked is looking at the strikeouts portion of the linescore. He struck out three, as many as he walked. This was not a good night to be an Angel. They were just flat missing pitches.

Today showed a much better side to the offense, with the now fearsome Teixeira-Guerrero-Hunter-Anderson core going 8 for 12 with 3 walks and 7 RBI. Vlad had a monster day at the plate, with a loooong 2 run homer to left and another two RBI's on top of that. He finally seems to be getting back into it after a very slow season thus far.

Mark Teixeira is quickly becoming my favorite player, making a spectacular diving stop in the first and going 2 for 3 with a walk and 3 runs scored. Torii Hunter is doing his best to convince him to stay in Anaheim for the next ?-?? seasons, in the process showing us all why Torii's contract is managable even though he's massively overpaid.

The Angels have an off-day tomorrow before welcoming the Joba-less Yankees to Anaheim. Raise your hand if you didn't see that coming, and then turn in your fan card and head for the door.

Fluid Mechanics

Updating has been slow lately as I study for probably the most important test of my collegiate career. How's it going? Well...

The live feed of my studying can be found's really not very interesting but it's good if you want to make sure I'm actually studying.

Regardless, I'd like to quote Greg with the best quote I've ever heard about physics and its relatives:
"This subject matter is looney tunes."
Also worth mentioning is the complete uselessness of stagnation tubes, and the questionable requirements of the Navier-Stokes equations. I still don't understand why writing an equation and then cancelling out nearly all of its terms is a reliable form of modelling, but so it goes.

And before some smartass answers that question, I do understand, but the fact that I have to write down about a hundred partial derivatives only to cross out the entire left half of the equation for every fully-developed flow is utter wackiness. And while continuity does, indeed, help the siutation, there's no reason to obfuscate marginally simple calculus with partial derivatives that are almost always completely useless.

The test ends tomorrow at 11:30. The drinking begins at 11:31.

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