Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Worst Baseball Game of the Season

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Mark Teixeira earned his stripes with a grand slam to put the Angels up 9-8 in the eighth inning after they had squandered a 5 run lead. Here's the bottom of the eighth.

- S. Shields relieved J. Arredondo
- I. Rodriguez singled to left
- J. Christian ran for I. Rodriguez
- M. Cabrera safe at first on shortstop E. Aybar's fielding error, J. Christian to second
- J. Christian stole thirdM. Cabrera to second, J. Christian scored, M. Cabrera to third on J. Mathis' throwing error
- J. Damon walked
- D. Jeter grounded out to shortstop, J. Damon to second
- B. Abreu walked
- A. Rodriguez safe at first on third baseman C. Figgins' fielding error, M. Cabrera scored, J. Damon to third, B. Abreu to second
- D. Oliver relieved S. Shields
- R. Cano singled to center, J. Damon and B. Abreu scored, A. Rodriguez to second
- X. Nady singled to left, A. Rodriguez scored, R. Cano to third
- R. Sexson struck out looking
- J. Christian singled to right, R. Cano scored, X. Nady to second
- M. Cabrera flied out to deep right

Thank you, Gary. Thanks to his dropped fly ball, along with errors from Mathis, Figgins, and Aybar, Angels pitchers combined to allow 10 unearned runs and allowed the Angels to lose 14-9 in a game they should have won. But no team who commits 4 errors, particularly 3 in the half inning after they take the lead, deserves to win. We can only pray for a closed door meeting, fielding practice, and the dismissal of the outfielder wearing #24. For the record, Figgins should have been charged with two errrors himself.

On the bright side, they got some good offensive effort out of a lineup missing its two biggest players in Torii Hunter and Vlad Guerrero. Both should be back tomorrow, and tomorrow's not soon enough.

The Los Angeles Can't Catch Shit With a Towel Angels of Anaheim are back home against Baltimore tomorrow.

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