Sunday, September 28, 2008

100 wins

I'm going to start with some disturbing news out of Boston. If Beckett is actually hurt enough to miss the series, I am going to be rather displeased. Look, the Red Sox have had the Angels' number in the postseason for decades, and should the Angels beat Boston without Beckett, it's a much more hollow victory. If they lose, it's a much more devastating defeat. Nobody intelligent wishes injury on opposing athletes (I'm talking to you, Jets fans), so here's to hoping this is another Herald Tomase moment and nothing comes of it.

Oh yeah, I might also make it to game 3.

With that, the Angels beat the Rangers 7-0 today behind an absolutely brilliant Joe Saunders. Apparently passing kidney stones makes you a better pitcher. He went six innings, striking out a career-high 9, and generally improved my somewhat dark feelings about Halos starting pitching headed into October.

Mike Napoli provided most of the offense, hitting two doubles and a home run to get 4 RBI on the game before being replaced with Bobby Wilson in the eighth. Mike esta en fuego, and a few posters on HH have been clamoring for him to take the DH slot when Mathis is catching for Santana in game 2. I'm inclined to agree.

With the win, the Angels finish with the best record in baseball, their best record ever as a franchise, and (I believe) their largest margin of divisional victory. So, kudos Halos.

Information on the postseason roster is available everywhere, so I won't bother repeating, but if the Angels play to their capabilities, they should at least avoid certain past unpleasantness.

Regardless of how the Angels do in the postseason, I am going to miss baseball. Hockey, basketball,'s just not the same.

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