Sunday, September 28, 2008

Broomball Game 1

Wildabeasts 1, Other team 0 (forfeit)

So we racked up our first win of the season today on a technicality, probably a good thing, as it turned our first game into our first practice. We talked to the other team and decided to scrimmage despite their lack of the required amount of girls. It started off slowly enough, with our team scarcely able to move the ball and the other team flailing and missing at easy shots, the first 5 minutes were a calm affair.

Then, it headed downhill. They scored three in the first period, largely a result of my complete lack of rebound control and inability to deal with high shots. I was having a hard time getting my glove to the ball, choosing to swat it away instead of catching it, leaving big, juicy rebounds inches out of my grasp but placed nicely in the crease for the opposing team. Shot recognition was something I was trying to work on, and I got better, defending the high shots better as the game wore on.

The second period led to a couple more goals for the other team, one of them a legitimate seeing-eye shot deflected through traffic that was pretty much impossible to stop regardless of how well I was playing. The other was a cheapie botched wraparound that sorta tricked in while I was moving across the crease with my glove still on the ice. We did get a goal, courtesy of Jeff, a hard shot that sneaked between the goalie's arm and his chest. Jeff got taken down pretty hard a little later and had to leave the game after smacking his head on the ground...he was still in a bit of a daze after the game, but should recover.

The third was a mess on my part, with a terrible shot going five-hole and another going top shelf. I think they scored 7 total in the game, 4 of which I needed to stop. So not a good game, but a W nevertheless, and good practice time.

I'm going to need better shot recognition to defend the high shot, and I need, NEED, to remember to close the five-hole. Seriously. That's unconscionable, and I refuse to lose on a shot that goes through my legs.

Anyways, good practice for the next game.


So here it is, the last game of the regular season. I fear the offseason, but I'm excited about the playoffs. The Angels are playing the Rangers for their 100th win today, although I'm not terribly optimistic about a season-ending win, largely a result of Scioscia's "don't get hurt" mandate which has led to horrendous starts from Lackey and Santana. I'm praying he told them to take it easy, because if they play like that in the playoffs, bye-bye World Series.

I'll post a recap after the game, currently in progress.

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