Monday, September 8, 2008

Tom Brady

I was going to talk about Joe Saunders beating the White Sox tonight, and maybe cover the Rays imminent collapse, Favre's boring debut with the Jets, and how the damn Red Sox are playing out of their minds right now, but none of that matters.

Tom Brady is done for the season. There's really no way to say that that doesn't lead to me writing off a chance at Super Bowl redemption. There are eight hundred places to read about the injury, and thinking about it still makes me sick to my stomach. This puts the Pats in an interesting situation. Matt Cassel, while leading the Pats to victory today, hasn't been a starting quarterback since before his USC days. Yes, high school. He's been a backup to great players-Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Brady. He is not a starting QB in the NFL, and regardless of how good he looked, the Patriots don't have the muscle to compete in the AFC without Brady leading the team.

My opinion? Pull Duante Culpepper out of his extremely recent retirement and get him back together with Randy Moss. No, it's not Tom to Randy, and it's not going to be like Duante to Randy, but damn, it sure as hell sounds a lot better than Matt to Randy. The Pats are already talking to Chris Simms, but I think Culpepper's a better choice as he already has chemistry with the team's best receiver.

Good luck, Tom. You know we need you back.

Also, go Chargers. My second favorite team's looking like a better pick than ever, today's loss notwithstanding.

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It is everywhere. I saw it on CNBC.