Thursday, September 4, 2008


Updates are still gonna be a little slow while I'm still in LA. Yet, the MLB postseason grows closer (there's one October every year, assholes) and football, both college and NFL, has arrived.


I don't have a lot to say about NU football. They got destroyed by a clearly superior I-A (FBS, whatever) Ball State team, 48-14, and nobody really expected much else. I am encouraged by the pair of touchdowns, but we're going to need to avoid 14 yard sacks, Mr. Orio. Their next game is against Georgia Southern on the 13th...expect a similar performance.

Maybe if we treated our football players like student-athletes and not athletic students, we'd have a better team.


The Patriots finally open the regular season on Sunday against Kansas City. There's a lot of hullabaloo over Tom Brady, but frankly, I'd be shocked if he isn't hitting Randy Moss for 50-yard touchdowns on Sunday. The Pats have weaknesses in a couple places, the most obvious being cornerback, where they lost Asante "Should've made the interception that would've sealed the Super Bowl" Samuel and a ragtag group that includes the oft-maligned Ellis Hobbs. The CB's looked a little shaky in preseason, but so did the whole team, so I'm not going to read too far into it. Their offensive line, also, needs some work. Brady is not a mobile quarterback. He likes staying in the pocket, and if you give him time, he will win games. The o-line needs to be able to protect Brady, particularly with his supposed foot injury, and allow him the time to try for a second consecutive 16-0 regular season. Not, of course, that those are my expectations. Also, bring back Junior Seau.

The Chiefs suck, regardless of what anyone says, so this should be a nice tuneup for the Pats, unless they are indeed as crappy as they looked in the preseason. Don't bank on it.


  • My athletic department analysis is forthcoming. I don't really want to post it until I feel I've done a good job with it, so I haven't been working particularly hard on getting it done while I've been in LA. Seriously, though, Northeastern needs to understand the importance of collegiate athletics and stop pointing fingers at students and alumni. Invest some money, Aoun.
  • Follow the NU Men's Basketball team as they continue their tour of Canada. MJ23 is playing some good basketball, as is the rest of the team. If Manny Adako goes 10-10 in any regular season game, it's a game the Huskies win.
  • The Angels are still playing like crap, but they're winning games. They're a half game out from the best record in the AL. Unfortunately, the Red Sox are gaining on the Rays. I'd just prefer if both Boston and Tampa lose every game from here on out. Thanks.
  • Um, Dolphins fans? You don't have the right to talk shit until your team has won at least two games this season. You're still not a good team. You went 1-15 last year. Nobody takes you seriously.
  • Grudge match: Broncos at Pats, Monday Night Football, October 20th. There's $3 and some pride riding on this one.

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