Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I haven't talked much about Northeastern's men's basketball team lately. There's a lot of reasons for that, but here's a brief recap of their season:

-They played a tough out of conference schedule with great wins over Providence and Indiana and terrible losses to USF and BU.
-They opened their CAA slate 5-0.
-They lost to a terrible Hofstra team.
-They won 4 straight, including a home win over George Mason and a great road victory over VCU to take possession of first place.
-They lost to a bad William and Mary team.
-They had a routine home win over UNC Wilmington.
-They lost to a bad Drexel team at home and then lost a winnable game to Mason on the road.

That brings us to tonight. The Huskies played like crap but still managed to tie the game with 7 seconds left on a miraculous Baptiste Bataille three-pointer. They then knocked the ball out of bounds with 1.4 seconds left. And then lost on an inbounds pass that went directly into the paint for a buzzer-beating layup.

This is my post from DHD:

If anyone beside the Flying Frenchman ever takes a three again, it'll be too soon.

We were in the DOUBLE BONUS with TICKY TACK REFS for the LAST 10 MINUTES OF THE GAME and still couldn't pull this one out. We kept shooting threes. We kept turning the ball over. We refused to make our free throws.

We can't defend the three. We can't box out. We can't shoot threes. We can't finish in the paint. Oh yeah, and we can't defend an inbounds pass directly into the paint with 1.4 seconds left and a tie game.

What the hell were we doing differently before?

This team has not done a thing to prove they're worth postseason play since VCU.
Also, Georgia State coach Rod Barnes is a disgrace to the league. I let him know how I feel after the game while he was interviewing. He was on the floor the whole game. He would yell "box out" when the Huskies were shooting free throws, which isn't very classy in of itself, but he would yell this on the first free throw of shooting fouls. How he didn't earn a technical foul is beyond me, but the next time he visits Northeastern I will be two feet behind him, yelling into his damn ear the whole time.

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