Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Miscellany


The Angels are, thankfully, in spring training as the regular season inches closer. Jered Weaver is apparently having the same sort of arm issues as he had in 2007, but apparently mentioned the problems in January so the Angels have been working on it since January. He's also gained ten pounds in an effort to throw 200 innings this year. Does that make sense to anyone else?

Kelvim Escobar claims to be well ahead of schedule and may return before the All Star break which, for the record, seems like a million years from now. For the record, I really dislike allowing athletes to push their schedules. Escobar previously got as far as throwing in a rehab game before reinjuring himself and requiring surgery.

The first spring training game is Wednesday the 25th against the White Sox.

I hate to have to touch on steroids again, but nobody else wants to let it go either, so let's recap: It's unfair that there were 104 names on this dumb list and that one name came out. It's even more unfair that that one player is now being crucified for his actions, actions which were 100% legal at the time. Bud Selig is a piece of crap, for lack of better terminology. You know what would work better than trying to prosecute all these players? Amnesty.


NU's got their big series with Boston "University" coming up this evening at Agganis Arena and Saturday at Matthews. Frankly, if the Terriers/Rats don't win the NCAA championship this year, something has gone tremendously wrong. The Huskies should be able to squeeze a point out of the weekend. If they get two, they control their destiny and stand a real chance at capturing their first Hockey East regular season title. If they don't, well, Kieran Millan's a freshman and due for a couple bad games...hopefully that happens this season and not next.

There will be a limited liveblog from Matthews on Saturday. The game starts at an unusual 8 PM, something probably decided upon once the game sold out.

I managed to get my hands on one of the new black jerseys they sold just before the Beanpot. I've been trying to find somewhere that can embroider some numbers and a name for me, but such a place doesn't exist in Boston. It's obscenely frustrating how hard it is to get nearly anything done in this "city," a city which is actually a small town masquerading as the capital of New England. When it's easier to find literally *anything* in Woodland Hills, one begins to question the veracity of the "city" title.


Co-op leads to frequent impulse purchases, but the custom designed sublimated hockey jersey I ordered was a particularly good investment. I'll post pictures once it arrives Monday, but it'll be fun to have an actual jersey for broomball and the upcoming hockey I insist I will learn to play.

Next game is Sunday, another Wednesday, and two more on a Monday a couple weeks from now. We need to win out. So it goes.


I just mentioned the impulsive purchasing habits I regain every time I go on co-op. Well, here's another.

This is a 65 mW rated green laser from Wicked It's obscenely bright. I'm talking about eye-searing, wish-I-had-bought-those-ridiculous-laser-goggles bright. This is a pretty long exposure photo (thanks Mark!), but the beam is visible to the naked eye in anything but sunlight.

Why did I purchase this thing? Good quesiton, but it probably has something to do with my moving to the eighth floor of Northeastern's highest dorm next semester, a dorm which overlooks and looks into Fenway Park.

David Ortiz, meet your biggest nightmare.

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