Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Weekend Recap

That's sorta a confusing title, but changing it seems like a waste of time.

Huskies 1, Boston University 1 (OT)

With a 2-2 tie Friday night, I suspect most Northeastern fans were expecting a blowout in either direction on Saturday night at Matthews Arena. Instead, a game which featured lots of offense was driven by the best two goalies in the league.

Game recap here, so I'll address all the students who grumbled on the way out of the arena. BU is an extremely good team. Extremely. If anybody else wins the national title this year, it will be considered an upset. They have a superb freshman goalie, very productive upperclassmen, and an NHL first-rounder.

And the Huskies can skate with them. Two nights in a row, Northeastern came back from deficits to tie games they would have lost last season. They played their style of hockey and forced BU into an uncomfortable system. They played the body and forced turnovers and penalties. And they even managed to score against Kieran Millan.

In other words, this was an exciting weekend. The Huskies are on top in Hockey East by a point. If they sweep the rest of the season (series with Lowell and series with BC), they'll win their first Hockey East title. Anything less and they'll be looking for UMass to continue its stellar play of late and knock off the Terriers.

Exciting times.

By the way, the officiating was awful. 27 penalties. Gravellese is so done.


A game recap here is decidedly useless. We lost because we scored no goals. We will continue to lose until we play two-way broomball. We can't keep leaving two people back the whole game, particularly when I still end up in three or four one-on-one situations with a shooter anyways. I'm pretty sure the team we were playing didn't play defense the entire game. Next game is Wednesday. Check, please.

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