Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Not a lot to write about lately, with the Kings out of the playoff picture (well, close enough), the Lakers cruising towards the playoffs, the Angels still in spring training, and the Huskies near the end of the road as well.

Northeastern plays Cornell in the first round of the NCAA tournament in Grand Rapids, MI on Saturday at 4 PM. The game will be televised on ESPNU and, perhaps, ESPN360.com. I was looking at heading to Michigan, but it's a 14 hour bus ride that requires I miss a day, possibly two, of work, so it's not going to happen. They'll need to make the tourney again next year.

Cornell is a good team, and the matchup creates some problems for the Huskies. Cornell has a great defensive system that helps stellar goalie Ben Scrivens. While a little better defensively than the Huskies, they're a smidge worse on the offensive half of the ice. They also just got shellacked 5-0, which is something, but then again, Northeastern managed to lose to UMass-LOL, so who knows.

First team to three goals wins, and two might even be enough to get the job done, depending on the defenses and the goalies. A good tournament from either goalie will inflate the sizes and numbers of the offers they receive to lure them away from college.

Here's my obviously-homered bracket:

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