Thursday, March 26, 2009


No, not those.

  • With the NCAA torunament beginning on Saturday, I'm getting even more annoyed with regards to the lack of good goaltending statistics. PitchF/X has really ruined me for other sports. I'm thinking someone in the NHL is going to get smart to the idea of advanced puck stats, things like where a goalie lets in the most pucks and from where on the ice. I'd really like to be able to tell Ginand, "Hey, Scrivens is weak five-hole," and have it mean something, instead of just lying like I usually do.
  • Speaking of goalies, Thiessen had this to say on his blog: "I have also had some questions regarding what my plans are for the future. To be honest, right now if I worried about the future I would be robbing myself and the team of the great opportunity that we have in front of us right now. I’m focused on playing hockey for the Huskies and winning a NCAA championship." I'm not going to read too much into that, but I'd prefer he say something like "I play for the Huskies and will play for the Huskies," true or not.
  • John Lackey's got a sore elbow. This, combined with Santana's earlier injury and Weaver's consistent spring issues makes me think MLB in general sucks at suggesting/enforcing offseason workouts. If you make millions a year to play baseball, you don't get to take three months off from training. Period. Hey, John: This is not helping your idiotic demands for a contract. I'm beginning to regret the Lackey jersey. Expect to see both Shane Loux and Dustin Moseley start the first week of the season as the 4 and 5.
  • This reminds me: Thank god (and Virginia) for Joe Saunders. Techmen, we're Techmen, with spirit true and faithful...
  • The Lakers play the Pistons tonight in Detroit, an arena in which they haven't won since 2002. With Wallace and Hamilton both out, they might have a chance tonight. Man, that Billups/Iverson trade looks awful for Detroit these days, doesn't it?
  • Angels prospect Rich Thompson's wife is a blogger. Fascinating stuff. She also looks quite a bit like Pam Beesly.

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More Hardball wants to know which city has the hottest fans in Major League Baseball. We started out by going division by division in each league, then the past two weeks were the playoffs. Now it's time for the World Series of Hotness with the Philadelphia Phillies vs. the Los Angeles Angels.


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