Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nolan Silva

Angels 2, Seattle 3 (10 innings)

Say what you will about the late-inning theatrics of Scot Shields, the game should never have made it to extras: The one-pitch swinging out has returned.

I've illustrated that making an out on the first pitch you see is a very stupid idea. However, making two outs on the first pitch you see by grounding into a double play, particularly late in the game, should get you benched. The Angels decided to stop trying to play offense and instead wilted under the blazing 89 mph fastball of Carlos Silva. They are batting well below .100 with runners in scoring position and 2 outs on the season, particularly frightening when their organizational philosophy stresses RISP2 hitting.

Last night's goats? Howie Kendrick (0-3, 5 LOB), Kendry Morales (0-4, 3 LOB), and Mike Napoli (0-5). You'll see this result from Mike as a consequence of his swing, a swing that sometimes provides multi-homer games. But Kendrick and Morales both need to produce, particularly as they're not at the bottom of the lineup. But my personal choice for the "needs to sort out his approach at the plate" award goes to Vlad Guerrero, who managed to go 0-4 from the cleanup spot, including a pivtoal GIDP in the 10th inning.

The Angels will go through portions of the season with the offense looking a lot like this. If they can hover around .500 through these cold stretches, they'll be fine.


  • Beckett gets a 6-game suspension and umpire Joe "Dumbass" West pretty much gets called out. This is "right." Josh Beckett whines like the little bitch he is. This is "wrong." Josh, here's what you should've done. You should have stayed on the mound, said "Sorry, buddy," to Abreu, finished the inning, and complained to the umpire after getting three outs. The second you started walking towards the batters box, you gave up any right to be pissed off with a suspension. It's a good thing character doesn't count in the Red Sox organization or you'd be pitching for Pawtucket.
  • By the way, it's hard to tell the difference between the Red Sox and Yankees away uniforms. Well done, Theo. You've given the Red Sox navy socks.
  • The Lakers mauled the Jazz last night, and will have the opportunity to do so again as Uah gets the #8 seed in the Western Conference playoffs. The first game is at Staples on Sunday, unless the NBA screws with the playoff schedule.
  • Joe Vitale's got a pair of goals and a pair of assists to his professional name already. Thiessen suited up as the backup goalie for the baby Pens earlier this week, as well.

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