Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Powder blue would probably be better

I know, I know, I talk about Uni Watch daily, it seems. But it's really cool. You should go every day, as it's updated every day. I put a link in the sidebar under Required Reading.

Yesterday, they had a guy over there who redesigned a bunch of major league uniforms, including the Angels, with home, alternate, and road options. That road uniform is slick. Basically, his goal was to integrate U$C colors into the uniform to make the team less Anaheim and more LA. I, though, might have chosen a different color scheme, although these unis do, admittedly, look quite good, while maintaining the red influence with maroon.

Speaking of the Bruins, I'm wondering what's going to happen with Collison. Apparently, I'm in quite the minority when I think he'll be a good NBA point guard...most projections consider him mediocre at best.

And, speaking of the Trojans, Amanda was named Pac-10 player of the week for her performance against Cal. The women of Troy are undefeated thus far in Pac-10 play.


Nick Adenhart looks like he's finally learned how to pitch to major leaguers. He went 6.2 innings, striking out 5 while walking 1 and giving up two runs against an offensively-gifted Cubs club. World Series preview? Perhaps. Either way, Adenhart is 3-0 on the spring, although he (and the other pitchers) are being helped by a god-like offense which has averaged over 8 runs/game throughout the spring, and is averaging over 11 runs/game over the last week. That's a lot of runs, and represents the best-case scenario from the Angels offense. Offense like this means Lackey, Santana, and Escobar can take their sweet time getting back to the big club.

Oh jeez, Saunders too? I'm getting a lot of 2008 Patriots odor coming from the 2009 Angels. Please, no.

Regardless, the team has a 24-6 record in the Cactus League and is on pace to smash a couple Cactus League winning percentage and offensive records. Which, basically, is useless. Save the runs for the regular season, boys, and (ideally) for the playoffs.

There's been some undercurrents of trade talks between the Halos and the Reds regarding Gary Matthews, Jr., but as far as I'm concerned, Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang don't have the value GMJ has. He's a below-average center fielder but a plus defensive corner, and he's been swinging the bat pretty well in the spring, so we'll see. I think he makes a great defensive replacement for Abreu or Guerrero late in games, and if he still remembers how to walk, provides OBP off the bench. Granted, he's no Willits.

The Angels play the Rangers at noon Pacific today. Shane Loux takes the hill, and please do well Shane, because the Angels are going to have to start trotting Vlad to the mound with much more of this.

Also, I love Torii Hunter.


The new blog logo is half Angels fans (with Thunderstix) and have Northeastern fans (the DogHouse), with a neatly overlaid font that Kira helped me with. It's representative of the content on the site, so it'll be a fixture until I get sick of it and/or find something better.

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