Monday, May 18, 2009


Gotta love golf. And even if you don't, you're out of options, should you be a Boston Bruin or Boston Celtic. And thank goodness, talk about a city which has overstayed its welcome with sports success.

Angels swept by Rangers

I don't have a lot to say about these games, other than Brandon Wood's current line at Salt Lake City, mixed in with the lines from three other players on the Angels. See if you can tell who's who:

A: .272/.361/.316 .677
B: .262/.289/.298 .587
C: .347/.434/.806 1.239
D: .303/.319/.461 .780

Player A is Figgins, B is Izturis, C is Wood, and D is Aybar. Two of those players would be getting 0 minutes of playing time on most major league teams. Aybar, despite his generally awful approach at the plate, is producing. Wood is annihilating the ball. And Izturis has an OPS below .600. Something is wrong here.

The only games that matter in modern baseball are intradivisional games. The Angels are 5-9 in the West while the Rangers are 10-2. If the Angels can manage .600 ball against the West and .500 elsewhere, the inevitable Texas pitching swoon will push the Halos into the playoffs.

The Angels start another series against the Mariners tonight at 7:05 Pacific.

Lakers finally put Rockets on golf course

The Lakers continued their bipolar nature, destroying the Rockets 89-70 in a game that wasn't even that close. The Lakers are very hard to root for, so here's how they can earn back the respect of their fans:

Play every game like it's game 7. Stop settling for jumpshots. Get the ball to the big guys (Gasol, Bynum, even Odom) and let them make plays from the post. And for god's sake, stop pretending like it's all okay in every press conference after you lose. Even if you think it's all right that you lost by 20 to a Houston team which is comically awful, pretend that you're really concerned and that you're going to take extra shooting practice. Hit your free throws.

They play the Nuggets tomorrow at 6:00 Pacific.

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