Monday, June 29, 2009

Gotta love the E

No, not MDMA, but rather Arizona's unwillingness to make a proper play on a ball hit at their defense. In one of the weirdest plays in professional baseball, Erick Aybar managed to cross 4 bags on a bunt single attempt. A wild throw from third sent him to third, and a wild throw from right plated the run. As it turns out, this was foreshadowing for yesterday's game.

Angels 12, Arizona 8

Check out this inning summary:

- J. Mathis safe at first on M. Reynolds' fielding error
- M. Palmer singled to left, J. Mathis to third
- C. Figgins grounded out to third, J. Mathis scored, M. Palmer to second
- M. Izturis safe at first on right fielder J. Upton's fielding error, M. Palmer scored, M. Izturis to third
- B. Abreu safe at first on second baseman F. Lopez's fielding error, M. Izturis scored
- L. Rosales relieved M. Scherzer
- J. Rivera homered to deep left, B. Abreu scored
- K. Morales tripled to deep right
- G. Matthews Jr. flied out to right
- E. Aybar popped out to shallow left

That's three errors in an inning, leading to 5(!) unearned runs. The error on Reynolds at first was particularly strange. A routine groundout and throw to first hit Reynolds in the shoulder, as he must've been watching the scoreboard or something. It dropped, and that was the beginning. I don't think I've ever seen a first baseman just flat miss a ball like that before.

Upton's error was probably the least damaging of the three, with a liner nicking off his glove. Lopez, however, had no excuse, as a ball hit directly at him hopped between his legs and into the outfield. Just embarrassing.

The Angels, of course, found no fun in a 9-2 lead, and subsequently allowed the Diamondbacks to cut the deficit to 1 run before Kevin "Not a MLB'er" Jepsen miraculously got out of the sixth. By the way, that fairy dust coating Matt Palmer? Yeah, it's gone now. Sure, he got the win, but went only 5 innings while allowing 10 hits, 6 runs, 2 walks, and no strikeouts. I'd cut him before I'd cut Sean O'Sullivan.

The Halos take on the now-second place Rangers for a three game series. Yes, that's right, the Angels are in first place. I'll be the first to admit I'm surprised, and I'll be surprised if they make the playoffs this season. I think they have the talent, but the injuries are never ending.

Play .600 ball against the West and .500 everywhere else and Angel Stadium gets another flag.

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