Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is how you score 4 runs with a wet noodle offense

- B. Abreu singled to left center
- V. Guerrero singled to right center, B. Abreu to second
- T. Hunter walked, B. Abreu to third, V. Guerrero to second
- K. Morales singled to right, B. Abreu scored, V. Guerrero to third, T. Hunter to second
- V. Guerrero scored, T. Hunter to third, K. Morales to second on wild pitch
- M. Izturis hit sacrifice fly to right, T. Hunter scored, K. Morales to third
- M. Napoli hit sacrifice fly to center, K. Morales scored
- G. Matthews Jr. struck out looking

Four singles, a walk, a wild pitch, and two sac flies.

The Angels lost 6-4. And Mike Scioscia has apparently lost Brandon Wood's phone number.

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