Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fox sucks at baseball

Jered Weaver does not throw 93. He definitely doesn't throw 94. In the interests of science, I went over to Gameday and looked at the PitchF/X numbers for Jered Weaver's sixth inning. His fastest pitch? 90 mph. Why does Fox insist on lying about pitch velocity when it doesn't add anything to the broadcast? Could it be because they're whoring themselves out to Taco Bell who needs something more sexy than "89 mph" for their Volcano Taco ad? Fox is a harlot.

Angels 3, Texas 2

The first at-bat I saw was Guerrero's bomb to left. I think he took my previous insults personally, because his AB's have looked much better in the last two games. I also need to say that I thought Mike Scioscia did a great job managing the game from a pitching perspective. He pulled Weaver at the right time and left Jepsen in to face the first righty of the ninth before bringing in Fuentes for the lefthanders. Smart, and certainly not something I've seen much from Mike.

Weaver, by the way, looked good. The short hair is a win, from both a baseball and a fashion perspective.

This was a pretty big win in that it keeps the division lead at 3.5 games even should the Angels lose tomorrow.

  • Excerpt from my in-progress capstone paper: "From 2002-2008, the MLB-wide average number of pitcher disabled list visits for elbow injuries is 65.5, with a peak of 74 DL visits occurring in the 2008 season. In an absolute best-case scenario, these injuries are distributed amongst the entire league equally, so each of MLB’s 30 teams has 2 pitchers visit the disabled list each season. Again, assuming the best case scenario, these pitchers are league-average 2 WAR pitchers making the average $4,000,000/year salary. With two disabled list visits, 30 days of playing time are missed, for a total of 6 missed starts. These six missed starts cost the team $828,000 and approximately .375 wins. Again, this assumes that any injured pitchers are missing the least time possible and return to the major leagues without any impact on performance. League-wide, 65 DL visits amounts to $53,820,000." I should have been an athletic trainer. Talk about money.
  • Seeing Casey Kotchman in a Red Sox jersey makes me cringe.
  • I am so ready for hockey. Both watching and playing. I just wanna hit the ice.

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