Friday, August 28, 2009

Kaz and Hud

Hudler: Dude, this is some primo shit. Lemme get another hit, haha.
Kazmir: ...
Hudler: You know dude, I used to, like, play baseball once.
Kazmir: ...
Hudler: They called me the Wonder Dog...hahaha Wonder Dog...that's some crazy shit, man.
Kazmir: ...
Hudler: You know what I've always wanted to know? Why Physioc bleaches the tips of his hair. I mean, like, he's not like, haha, 20 anymore, you know, and like, he's on the radio with me most of the time anyway, and like, hahaha, you can't, like, see people on the radio, you know? Right? Hahaha.
Kazmir: ...
Hudler: Oh yeah, check this out. Here's the extra camera footage from our last game. You're gonna, like, love the chicks out here in Anaheim, man. Silicone, you know what I mean, yeah, haha, look at this guy! Look at this guy! Haha dude lemme get another hit.
Kazmir: ...
Hudler: This one time I was smokin' a bowl, right, and like, you know, I dropped it, and it, like, sucked, you know, because it was my favorite bowl, haha, and like, I named it Merlot Starburst 7, haha, and like, well, that was a pretty sad day, you know? Right? Right?

Honestly, I don't know why I see Kazmir as a stoner. I'm pretty sure I've seen it over at DRaysBay, but more than that, look at the guy. He just looks like the kind of guy who'd be wearing a NORML shirt under his jersey while he's pitching, or the guy who cringes when he sees a German Shepherd, or maybe that guy who tries to sell weed to cops through his dorm window.

If the trade goes through, I like it a lot. His tRA was 3.46 just two years ago, and it's not like he's old enough for me to be really concerned about any sort of major age-related losses. The Angels are giving up two mediocre prospects for a fifth starter who used to be a staff ace. Even if his future performance is down the middle of his numbers from this year and 2007, he's going to put up good numbers for a fifth starter, although he will be hugely, massively overpaid. But hey, it's not my money.

EDIT: And just like that, nope.

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