Monday, September 21, 2009

Ice Sports and Baseball


I've missed the last few games, but what I haven't missed is a disturbing downward trend from Kendry Morales. Kendry, who at one point led the team in batting average at over .310, is now batting .298. OPSing a Superman-like .930+, he's now down to .895.

Yeah, those numbers are still pretty good.

But at the same time, Kendry's been racking up strikeouts and seems to be having more 0-4 and 0-5 nights than at any other point in the season. Last night, he managed to go 1-5 with a double and 4 K's, Brandon Wood territory. Supposedly, he'll be getting some time off, and that might not be a bad thing, although I don't think young players benefit from benching quite as much as veterans. Much like Mike Napoli's whole season was derailed by lack of playing time, I'm nervous when Morales is on the bench.

The playoffs cometh. We'll see.

Northeastern Huskies Ice Hockey

Read the preview, if you haven't yet. The roster has been posted over at GoNU with surprise addition Steve Morra. Morra will be wearing #12, and thus needs to routinely hit opposing forwards with sufficient force as to break the glass.

Again, we'll see.

Marcus's Ice Sports

So I'll be suiting up for two sports this winter, broomball and ice hockey. As far as broomball, it'll be the usual suspects, with Jeff centering the top line and Mark providing energy and a scoring touch. Ill be in net, except this year I'll have played a reasonable amount of hockey before my first game, so I expect very few mistakes and a playoff run. Anything less is unacceptable.

Hockey, on the other hand, is a different story. Here are my goals for each game this semester:
  • One glove save.
  • One blocker save.
  • One save on a closed five-hole.
  • One stick save.
  • One pad save.
And, at some point over the five game schedule:
  • One breakaway save.
  • One poke check.
  • One outlet pass.
  • One complete game. (games get mercy-ruled with a 10-goal deficit at any point in the third)
My team consists of Jeff and a bunch of people I don't know. I have skated with one of the others, the appropriately named Cam, and beyond that, it'll be an experience. Winning a game is probably out of the question unless Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson are playing the blue line in front of me, but the team has the potential to score lots of goals.

Schedules are on the right side of the blog...all games are at Matthews Arena, and I'd really like it if you guys could make it out to one.

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