Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some notes to Angels

  • Angels catchers: Take that ball and put it in your pocket. Do not attempt to throw it to second base. Do not attempt to throw it to third base. You may throw it back to the pitcher cautiously.
  • Angels fielders: Somebody needs to cover first base. Every play.
  • Angels: If Bill Hall beats you, you might want to consider new careers.
  • Mike Scioscia: Here's something to try.
if (Kazmir() < 100_pitches){
  • Bobby Abreu: That weird thing on your hand is a glove. You're supposed to use it to catch balls, not swat them off the wall.
  • Vlad Guerrero: Here's some code for you to try:
if (pitch == ball){
}else if (pitch == first_pitch){
}else swing();
  • Honestly, this is the offense I expected from the Angels at the beginning of the season. Completely hapless, unable to work counts, and liable to swing at the first pitch with runners on. Goodness gracious, when the pitcher has just walked two batters, don't swing! Not until you've got at least a strike, and you might even want to wait for two.
  • Kazmir looked fine.

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