Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Umpiring is a stain on the game of baseball

Never mind balls and strikes, which umpires have proven themselves completely incapable of doing properly.
  • When you can't see a clear pickoff when you are three feet away from the tag with nothing interfering with your vision, something is wrong.
  • When you call a player out on a tag-up play when you weren't even looking at him, something is wrong.
  • When a catcher tags two players off a base and you signal for one, not two outs, something is wrong.
I'm going to type this in caps for the nearsighted, largely illiterate Bud Selig:


Beyond that, even, the fact that the home plate umpire had to ask Angels catcher Mike Napoli to get lower so he could better see the strike zone should be enough to prove that umpires have been rendered obsolete. Cameras attached to computers DON'T CARE WHERE THE CATCHER IS PLAYING. They don't interfere with balls in play. They don't miss routine plays at the bases, they don't screw up fair/foul calls, they don't miss critical home run calls, and they don't call players tagged OFF THE BASE safe.

This is not part of the game. This is insanity. And baseball fans need to make it clear that this is unacceptable.

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