Sunday, October 11, 2009

You know those moments?

The moments when you teeter on the edge between absolute elation and unmitigated sadness? The moments you always remember because for a couple fractions of a second, you are completely separated from your consciousness and dropped somewhere else, feeling simultaneously in control and completely helpless? When every microsecond lasts an hour and every tiny motion is magnified, and it stops mattering whether you're hungry, whether you've gotta pee, whether it's hot, cold, or raining in your living room?

That moment happened for me, immediately after Papelbon released his pitch, and ended just after the ball touched the turf in front of Ellsbury.

Go Angels.


Kyle said...


LAUSD Follies said...

Yankee fans seem to share at least one characteristic of Red Sox fans: they don't know the difference between "your" and "you're". Go back to school, Kyle.

idiotG said...

Congrats Marcus! That was a great 9th inning comeback in game 3. Maybe we can get an Angels-Phillies World Series.

Marcus said...

-Kyle, the sad part about this is that the Angels beating the Red Sox probably ensures a loss to the Yankees. And frankly, that'll be funny because Red Sox fans will whine even more.

But in a 7 game series, who the hell knows, really.

-Believe it or not, Kyle is in graduate school, but what's grad school when it's at Northeastern?

-Thanks, and although the prospect of a Freeway Series is intriguing, losing to the Phillies would be way less embarassing than losing to the perennial LA losers.

Nice win today, by the way. Madson was on my fantasy team, so he's got the incurable stench of failure on him. Have Manuel keep him on the bench.

Kyle said...

My english skills are horrid. No one will argue this fact. But Marcus is right I am studying for a Masters, sad but true

I am scared shitless of the Angels. If I didnt dry heave at the thought of rooting for the Red Sox I would have wanted them to win. The Sox are a pushover of a team the Angels are tough. And they have a history of bending the Yankees over their knees.

I am hoping this is the year that fate is reversed. The Sox always beat the Angels, then the Angels win. The Angels always beat the Yankees, now the Yankees Win?

As far as LA or Phil in the world series. I am pulling for Phillie for the sole reason of not wanting to have to stay up for west coast games.

I fucking love playoff baseball