Sunday, November 22, 2009

Northeastern Cuts Football Program

Well, it's better than not doing anything, but it's not as good as fixing the program properly.

This remains, however, a sad day for Northeastern, both for NU's history and future. No longer will chants of "BU Football" ring out during the Beanpot, no longer will visiting teams whine about the subpar facilities of Parsons Field, and no longer will freshmen discover the mansions of Brookline while trying to find a game.


Steven Roth said...

Bye bye. I love football just as much as the average American but Northeastern could not have beaten my high school football team. Weak. I went to a game my freshman year and was stunned to see how shitty Parsons Field was. I never went back and I'm glad to see NU stopped wasting their time.

We aren't Boston College. We fucked up a long time ago by not having an on-campus stadium. We'll never have highly successful programs in hockey, basketball AND football. It's time focus on the better two of our programs now.

Kyle said...

We are actually a lead story on