Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still here

Yes, it's been historically slow around here lately. I actually started an all-team recap a couple days ago before getting sick, and two days later, lots of the stuff in it was already irrelevant, so it needs to be revised before I can post it. These last couple weeks have been pretty busy as well, with midterms and Beta Theta Pi-related activities, but I'll be back to my regularly scheduled sports blogging around Thanksgiving.

  • Thank goodness. Instead of just reducing breaks, let's cut it to only travel days, or even eliminate those as well. Make home field matter.
  • Scott Hartnell would be way less annoying with a haircut.
  • The Huskies men's basketball team lost to Siena on national TV. They had 8 free throws, Siena had 27. They didn't deserve to win, but they certainly deserved competent referees.
  • Belichick's command to go for it on 4th and 2 against the Colts was the right call. The spot was bad. I don' t understand why we have these measuring chains and pretend they mean anything if the spot where the ball is placed after a play is completely arbitrary. Computers, please.
  • Basketball is dumb because it's predictable. Whichever team shoots fewer threes and more free throws wins. In hockey, you can get outshot 50-1 and still win, but if another team takes twice as many free throws, you always lose. And reffing basketball is almost impossible, so the refs are always bad.
  • I need a vacation.


Kyle said...

you need to stop pushing computers onto every sport

Marcus said...

I'll stop pushing computers onto sports once bad calls stop determining games.

Hockey doesn't need computers because it has a very clear and robust video review system.

The NFL is almost okay, except their review policy doesn't allow for spot changes, which are the biggest source of error outside in/out of bounds plays.

MLB and the NBA have terrible video review policies combined with very old umpires/referees who are not being adequately replaced with top, young talent. Hell, add a challenge flag to baseball, one per game, and that'd almost be good enough.

Steven Roth said...

Fuck Scott Hartnell and his goonish ways. Someone needs to lay a beatdown on him at center ice and then shave his head while he's in the fetal position.

Kyle said...

Personally over an entire season I just dont see blown calls making a big enough difference to slow sports down even more. Baseball games are already 4 freaking hours long, more replay will just extend that time.