Monday, March 8, 2010

How to tell you're watching an ESPN stream from the UK

There's your problem right there. Or is it probleme?

The Angels earned their first win of spring training this season, beating the Rangers 13-9.

Encouraging: Santana's velocity, Napoli's homer, Wood's homer, Morales' presence, Bulger's scoreless inning.

Discouraging: Santana's 0 K's over 2 innings, Wood's average, Palmer's ERA, winning by only 4 after scoring 13 runs, Bobby Mosebach. Also, Bobby Mosebach. Bobby Mosebach should be mentioned as well.

Neither here nor there: Playful banter between Santana and Vlad, Japanese media videotaping lineup cards without Matsui on them, another season of comments on the name of the team.

If the Kings weren't still good, I'd be hard pressed to resist the lure of baseball. It's coming.

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