Monday, March 29, 2010

Mid afternoon mind dump

  • My team won its most recent floor hockey game 8-3. Considering that I only stopped 3 shots, you should be able to determine my team's talent level pretty easily. From my perspective, this game was a disappointing step backward in my development. I say very few shots, and seemed to be out of position with alarming frequency. I had one good scramble that included a Hasek roll, but I wasn't square to the puck (ball), and I allowed two terrible goals, one five hole, and one under my left arm. It's frustrating, particularly since I know the problem is that I don't really see the puck, so my reaction is always based on fiction and physics, not reality. The next step, aside from more playing time, is learning to stare at the puck as it's being shot. Easier said than done.
  • The Kings are struggling, but missing the playoffs is still a difficult task. I'll feel better if they win tonight, and much better once they clinch a spot. It will be the first time since high school that the Kings will be playing meaningful hockey come my birthday. Jon Quick is, lamentably, poor. He needs a rest, and Bernier is the answer. Unfortunately, the Kings are all too willing to sacrifice this season for the next, something I don't think is particularly reasonable.
  • I just finished Nick Hornby's "Fever Pitch," after seeing Ben read it in Italy, and found it depressingly accurate. It is surprisingly difficult to explain the feelings associated with being a devoted fan of any team, particularly when said team is bad, or worse, merely underachieving. Go Huskies.
  • I'd be more confident about the upcoming Angels season if not for their terrible spring training. Yeah yeah, spring training stats don't mean anything, but the Angels were great last year, and had a great spring training. I love small sample sizes, even though they're wrong, because they're comforting and scary.
  • If it ever stops raining in Boston, tennis season is just around the corner.

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