Monday, September 6, 2010

Are the Kings playing yet?

The truly aggravating thing about the Angels this season, particularly in the second half, is the way they lose. It's not the quantity of losses, but the quality, in which good starting pitching is consistently derailed by predictable bullpen implosions and noodle bats.

I remember watching the Rangers lose with some consistency over the last few years, and despite their ugly W-L records, the Rangers were fun to watch. They couldn't pitch, but they could hit, and would thus lose games 17-15. Yeah, I imagine it's frustrating to need 7+ runs to win every game, but at least offense is interesting. No-hitters, despite the fanfare that accompany them, are boring, and the shutout is a stern kick to the face of fans that are miraculously able to spend $40 on two hot dogs and a beer at the stadium. If the Angels are going to miss the playoffs, I'd prefer that they do so while scoring more than 1.5 runs a game, their average over an 8 game stretch ending with a victory last night over Oakland. Of course, they are moments from losing their 72nd game, having scored two runs in nine innings.

The team doesn't need an impact bat so much as a new lineup. Abreu, Matsui, Rivera, Aybar, Kendrick, and Mathis are all having decidedly subpar years, and with only Torii Hunter producing at a reasonable clip, there is no reason to keep the kids on the bench. Scioscia has been unusually patient with Bourjos, at least compared to his treatment of Wood, but there's really no reason both of them (and none of Rivera and Mathis) shouldn't be in the lineup every day.

Hockey, please.

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